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Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is a software that is used to manage all your employee’s financial records in a simple and automated fashion. This payroll management system manages employee’s salaries, deductions, other conveyance, net pay, bonuses and generation of pay-slips, etc.
 HR & Payroll Management Software eases the hassles of managing vast amounts of data by making the employee or faculty management & payroll processing easier. This human resource management software streamlines all the payroll-related operations and enables the administrator to pay on-time & accurate amounts of salary to all the employees working in the educational institution.

It can be further integrated with the Faculty Management System for conducting online staff recruitment procedures. School administrators can manage vacancies, post jobs, filter out eligible candidates as per their merit & eligibility parameters and hire the best one to boost the educational offerings & services. With an inbuilt BI & AI-powered analytics dashboard, the performance of each staff member can be tracked & monitored on a continuous basis- daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. These performance records can prove to be a “fair judgement metrics” during appraisals. All-in-all, it is a comprehensive, tested, and reliable solution for managing faculty & staff and meeting the requirements of the HR department in educational institutions especially the ones running Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs).

Key Advantages Of HR And Payroll Management System Software:

  • Faculty Record Maintenance: This school software enables the HR department to keep tab of the personal details, qualifications details, certifications data, etc. No need for the time & efforts-consuming paper records!
  • End-to-end Payroll Processing: The payroll management system software streamlines end-to-end payroll process & minimizes the workload of staff members.
  • Quicker Salary Calculation & Payments: Since it works in synchronization with the faculty management system, the salary calculation process becomes automatic, quick, and easy.
  • Indian Payroll Laws: The payroll system works in compliance with the payroll laws stated by the Government of India.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Enables institutions to define user roles and provide role-based access to the staff handling payroll system for enhanced data security.
  • Insightful Payroll & Employee-Related Reports: Various types of insightful payroll & faculty performance-related reports can be generated with just a few clicks.