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Software & App Development

Sarthak Tech offers best effective solutions for any software development need. Our Software Development team works hand in hand to understand your each and every need. Our team will then develop a user friendly Software that fulfill each of your requirement, fit with your company vision and help you to enhance the overall performance of your unit.
Team of Software Programmers & developers at Sarthak Tech is highly skilled, qualified and having wide experience of custom Software Development. Unless required, we avoid giving you a complex and costly business solutions or applications. Our goal is to provide the straight and simple Software Application which is easy to use, less complicated, effective and enhancing the overall business performance.

This is why, we are well known, reputed & leading Software Development Company in the area, who provides best effective, expert and affordable Customized Software Application.
As a reputed and professional Software Company, we maintain an everlasting, healthy & friendly relationship with our customers. And to maintain this, we provide Point-to-Point and best affordable custom Software Applications & Web applications for almost every type of businesses. We provide our best services and deliver best suitable Software Applications, covering wide scope of Industries, Educational sectors, Corporate, Small Business, Service Industries, Retailers, Traders, Manufacturers as well as Individuals.

Flexible Payment System

We supports flexible payment system by considering customers financial budget and requirements

Time and Resource

  • Excellent system for such customers where requirements are unclear.
  • Client needs to pay hourly rate of each resources.
  • Here option for client is to add or reduce resources according to project scope and time.
  • It is good for agile development.

Fixed Scope and Fix Budget

  • Must have predefined scope of requirements and it has to be done within specified time.
  • Useful for such projects where requirements are known.
  • Not applicable where requirements are not well defined.
  • Not applicable where requirements are not well defined. Not applicable where requirements are not well defined. Not applicable where requirements are not well defined.

What we can help you with

Custom Software Development
Over the years, we have enriched and optimized our system development life cycle to arrive at a predictable process that allows teams to minimize risks...
Web Application Development
Our web applications are marked by a robust, scalable architecture that supports high performance requirements and ease of management without compromising...
Mobile Application Development
We develop powerful applications that provide a thrilling experience for your users and bring tangible value to your business. Whether native, hybrid...
QA and Software Testing
Rigorous testing and quality assurance help us deliver top-notch digital products, every time. Our QA team of 40+ experts is there to guarantee you...
Test Automation
Our AQA department comprises top test automation engineers with dozens of projects under their belt. Backed by an internal automation framework...
Dedicated Development Center
We offer remote teams as a flexible and cost-effective option for companies who aim to quickly augment development

We are Expert in

We work on online software development and our products are already in use.

  • Banking Software Development.
  • School Management Software Development
  • Institute Management Software Development
  • e-Commerce Software Development
  • Microfinance Limited Software Development
  • Hospital Management System
  • Hotel Management Software