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Hotel Management System

A hotel management system is a set of hotel software solutions that keep operations flowing. There are accounting packages, customer relationship management (CRM) packages, and a dizzying array of industry-specific software. 

In today’s disruptive environment, there are many software providers which are offering hotel solutions. The majority of new providers offer cheap products with very limited features and functionalities which makes it difficult to manage your hotel. 

portal is one of the few hotel software providers with both cloud-based and on-premise solutions that encompasses all the essential features such as: 

online booking engine, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, billing and invoicing and reporting and analytics.
In addition to that, with a portal PMS you will have the opportunity to access over 1,000 productivity-boosting integrations with just a single click. Some of the integrations such as: Oaky for upselling, Duet to for revenue management and Trust You for reputation management can really make a huge difference by improving the productivity and efficiency of your hotel. 

Automate Your Hotel management System Operations

With higher degree of automation, Sarthak Tech cloud-based property management system simplifies hotel operations and reduces dependency on manpower. Manual errors become a thing of the past as it helps you manage critical operations with ease. As a result of this, your staff gets enough time to focus on your guests’ requirements. Try it to experience simplicity.

  • The Hotel PMS System ensures a real-time flow of information between departments
  • Manage both front office and back office operations with a robust cloud PMS Software
  • Ensure improved staff efficiency with the cloud-based hotel property management system
  • Save a significant amount of man-hours daily

Manage centrally from a single dashboard

At the core of our cloud-based PMS hotel software, lies an innovative and easy to use front desk module that acts as a single-point dashboard to control all your operations. You can customize it to suit your hotel’s needs and manage multiple tasks at all times.

    • The Hotel PMS System’s front desk comes with an Intuitive reservation chat
    • Assign tasks to team members, and even set reminders with Hotelogix PMS Software
    • Easy check-in and checkout
    • The Hotel PMS System sends SMS confirmation to your guests

Distribute easily

Increase your market reach with seamless integration with all avenues of online and offline distribution like OTAs, GDS and TripAdvisor. Enjoy the simplicity of managing your inventory and rates across multiple channels with two-way Channel Manager connectivity and start receiving bookings on your front desk in real-time.

    • The Hotel PMS System and Channel Manager helps you update rates and inventory on all the OTAs in real-time
    • Common pooled inventory with centralized rate capabilities
    • Get more bookings via OTAs
    • Do away with overbooking and double bookings with Sarthak Tech Hotel PMS Software

Improve revenue

Allow your guests to book their stay directly through your hotel’s website and Facebook page using  PMS system. Whether it is last-minute bookers or travelers on the move, responsive design of our multi-device web and Facebook booking engine helps you to attract visitors and generate more direct bookings thereby earn more top-line revenue per booking. Learn more

    • Sell more directly with our Hotel PMS Software to earn more room revenue
    • Save more on OTA commission
    • Gain complete control over guest information with the cloud Hotel PMS Software
    • Accept online payments via a secure payment gateway

Increase your hotel’s profitability

Set the right room rates for your hotel based on market and competitor pricing analysis. With pricing recommendations for up to 90 days and support to dynamic pricing strategy on Hotelogix hotel PMS software, our integrated revenue management solution will help you take the right business decisions in real-time and win over competition.

    • Create relational rates with the PMS System
    • Setup multiple rates and type support in a single day using the Hotel PMS Software
    • Change room rates with occupancy-based dynamic pricing feature of the Hotel PMS System
    • Leverage the power of our Hotel PMS software to setup and change daily/monthly rates

Enjoy anytime anywhere access

Leverage the power of the cloud Hotel PMS Software to monitor your hotel performance from anywhere you want and wherever you are. Just login to our cloud-based hotel property management system from anywhere and enjoy the convenience of 24 x 7 accessibility.

    • Track business critical KPIs on the go with  Hotel PMS Software
    • Complete front desk in your pocket
    • Speed-up housekeeping operations with the Mobile Hotel App
    • View your hotel status via the management dashboard on the Hotel PMS Software